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Elimination Diet: Save Your Body From Food

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The elimination diet is a great way to find out which foods cause intolerances and allergic reactions in the body. This is the only diet that I recommend for my clients because it teaches them which foods their body doesn’t like. It reveals which foods cause inflammation and symptoms like a stuffy nose, acne, mucus build-up, and itchy eyes.

Believe it or not, food intolerances and allergies are common. While there are a number of reasons they can occur, they are pretty common. Close to 20 percent of individuals suffer from some level of intolerance.

I have used the elimination twice personally and had great results.

Let's talk food allergies for a moment.

Common Food Allergens

While there are probably thousands of food allergies that are less common, such as being allergic to bananas or green beans, there are some common ones. Here they are listed here:

  • nuts or peanuts

  • milk or any dairy products

  • soy

  • wheat

  • eggs

  • seafood or shellfish

What Symptoms Classify As A Food Allergy?

When you eat strawberries, you break out in hives and start running a fever. Another example is eating shellfish, and your skin starts itching. Then, the onset of swelling to the lips and eyes.

This is an allergic reaction. What is happening is that your immune system is registering the food as a threat. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or the food. It just means that your immune system sees it or something in the food as harmful to the body. So, it starts creating antibodies to fight the allergen.

This is going to happen every time you eat the allergen. Some other symptoms that you might experience are:

  • vomiting

  • trouble breathing

  • hoarseness

  • coughing

  • throat tightness or dryness

  • abdominal pain

  • diarrhea

  • hives

  • fainting

  • sudden changes in blood pressure

Food Intolerance

People use the words allergies and intolerance intermittently not realizing that they are totally different...Read More

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