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How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

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Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testes in males and in the ovaries in women. Over the years, low testosterone levels have been the underlying cause of excess body fat, restricted sleep, erectile dysfunction, and the inability to build and maintain muscle mass in men.

Low testosterone levels are becoming a major problem in men of all ages, not just those over 40. With my years of experience in maintaining my testosterone naturally, I would like to provide a guide that will help you boost testosterone levels naturally with diet and lifestyle changes.

You don’t have to be another statistic of low testosterone.

Save yourself some time and download a free copy of Masculine Awakening: A Simple Guide To Improving Testosterone. This guide will help you improve your testosterone levels and help you get back to the things that make you proud to be a man.


Let’s look at some statistics of testosterone in men.

  • Testosterone levels peak at about age 20 and then begin a slow decline with age.

  • By the time men reach 50 years old, their testosterone levels will have dropped by nearly half (47%)!

  • Mexican-Americans teens tend to have the highest testosterone levels over White and Black males.

  • The rates of younger men experiencing testosterone deficiency is increasing.

  • Diet and exercise play an important role in normal testosterone levels.

Now I know these statistics don’t look promising for all men, better yet, for those that are not Mexican American. But I want you to know that you have the power within you to do the things that will keep you from being another statistic of constant testosterone decreases and fluctuations.

We’ve all been taught that it’s normal for your testosterone to decrease as you age so much that we look at is a normal thing that we must deal with. Brace for the impact of the mood swings, impotence, and fatigue!

If we believe that as we age, the quality of life as a man will decrease, we are sadly mistaken, and we are already setting ourselves up for failure.

The least we could do is seek out some information to understand it better. We could as least look into what changes we can make to reverse or even slow down the progression of this thing that threatens to take away the things about us that make us proud to be men.

How Does Testosterone Impact Male Overall Health?

How Strength and Stamina Really Make You Feel

Before we move forward, I’d like to talk about how normal testosterone levels in men enhance their overall health.

Sexual function

The ability to get and maintain an erection has a lot to do with testosterone levels. Having a normal sperm count is also dependent on this as well.

Regular red blood cell levels

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. Healthy testosterone levels have been linked to a high red blood cell count, which means you are more likely to have improved energy levels.

Sharpened memory

Testosterone plays a role in your cognitive function as well. The normal age-related decline in testosterone is associated with the normal age-related loss of brain function. Higher testosterone levels equal higher cognitive function.

Stronger immunity

Balanced testosterone levels increase the quality and production of semen, which also keeps the male body strong and healthy...Read More

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