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Due to COVID concerns, we plan to keep a couple of large fans blowing and one of the doors open at the gym this fall and winter season to ensure proper ventilation. 
Be sure to dress right and layer up!

Gym Safety Tips to Protect Our Members

Some of the changes we have made to our processes and safeguards at the gym include:


  • Fully vaccinated members will be able to workout without a mask by presenting the official COVID vaccine card

  • If you are not yet vaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated

    • wear a mask at all times

    • social distance

    • wash your hands frequently

  • Bottles of disinfectant and cloth are available to wipe down equipment

  • Visit the DC Health Coronavirus Situational Update for more information

  • Large fans have been added to circulate fresh air throughout the gym

  • Wear layers that will

    • keep you dry​

    • keep you warm

The irregular hours for the club will be:


  • Monday - Saturday 9 am - 11 pm

  • Sunday 9 am - 7 pm

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