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Where Having a Workout Plan Comes in Handy

Man working out in the gym with a medicine ball

Hey Total Source Family,

It's great to have the grit and willpower to hit the gym, but what do you do once you get there? Where do you start when you're faced with a sea of metal monsters called fitness equipment and hard-body Adonis' and gorgeous amazons who know just what to do on every machine?

Here's where having a workout plan comes in handy and will pay dividends in the long run to get great results. A basic plan can be as simple as the following:

  1. start putting on paper what your goals

  2. Warm-up and stretching is vital to get the entire body ready to train

  3. narrow down what type of workout routine that fits your goals HIIT training, weight training, etc.,

  4. post workout plan -will you stretch for 10 minutes, do a bit of yoga or sink into a hot tub or sauna to relax those muscles.

Have the necessary fuel-ready post workout, i.e., supplements, meals, our body is craving these after a tough day at the gym

Having a simple plan ensures success, and that is what you're looking for, whether your goal is to lose ten pounds or shed 50.

A wise older man named Benjamin Franklin said: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Some advice is timeless. So, let's craft a workout plan and stick to it.

To Your Health,

Coach Kent

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