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14 Tips And Methods To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Fast

The Real Reason We Can’t Get Rid Of The Apron Gut


So you work out 5 times a week, cut your calories, follow your macros, and sacrifice eating the foods you love to get fit, and you still can’t seem to shake the belly fat. This is the story of many men and women who struggle to get a flat, muscular stomach.

Many have even thought of doing it the easy way (plastic surgery, freeze therapy, and diet pills) because they are tired of working at it with no results.

For women, it could also be a matter of where they are in their menstrual cycle.

Today, I will shed some light on what it really takes to get the flat, lean, cut stomach you want.

Being a fitness consultant for close to 20 years, I have met many people who have this struggle. Some are even in great shape but still can’t seem to get rid of the bicycle tire. They put in the workout and go hardcore with their diet and still have excess fat around their midsection.

I’m here to tell you that while exercise and diet do play a role in getting into shape, there are many things that one has to do to achieve the six-pack abs package.

Let’s start with understanding what belly fat actually is.

What Causes the Fat Gut Anyway?

The fat around the midsection, in most cases, is a combination of fat, visceral fat, water retention, and abdominal distention. Fat is the extra layer of padding that you see in the mirror. Visceral fat lies deeper inside the abdomen. It surrounds the inner organs, which automatically increases the circumference of your stomach.

Bloating and water retention result from synthetic sweeteners, processed foods, allergens, lactose, and even wheat and gluten products.

Abdominal distension happens as a symptom of underlying disease or some form of imbalance in the body. It is essentially gas or fluid that causes the belly to expand or pushes the diaphragm down that causes the abdomen to push forward...Read More

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