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7 Rules That Make Eating A Balanced Diet Easy

Health egg and avocado salad


One One One Rule

The One One One diet is a simple way to eat a balanced diet. With this diet, you eat one serving of carbohydrates, one serving of protein, and one serving of fat. This gives the body all the nutrients it needs while helping you maintain a balance that will keep you healthy and managing your weight. Remember, the goal here is to give the body the fuel it needs without compromising the gut and immune health. This diet accomplishes that. It also avoids overeating.

Think about a burrito. It’s one of America’s favorite foods. But it is ineffectively portioned. It has beans and chicken which are two sources of protein. Let’s not forget about the rice, tortilla, and corn. That’s three sources of carbohydrates. And last, the sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. That’s three servings of fats. This may not seem like a big deal if you only eat burritos every now and then. But those who eat them regularly probably still have another meal or two throughout the rest of the day.

Cut The Processed foods

Processed foods not only give your body empty calories or foods that have no nutritional value, they add unnatural fats, salts, and sugars. Aim for raw vegetables that you can prepare yourself. IF you buy canned vegetables, read the label to ensure there is no added salt. The same goes for fruit as many canned fruits are packaged in syrups and have added sugar. Make sure that the fruits are in their own juice or water.

Do your best to prepare your own food and if you can’t, use a healthy meal prep service. Avoid fast-food restaurants at all costs. Even the salads at McDonald’s have added salts. It is your responsibility to know what you are eating. But I am going to make it easier for you with this trick….. if there is something on the nutrition label that you can’t pronounce or that has 14 letters, avoid it.

Here are some examples of foods that have empty calories:

  • cakes

  • cookies

  • donuts

  • processed meat

  • sodas

  • energy drinks

  • fruit juice with added sugar

  • pizza

  • junk food of all types no matter how healthy they claim to be, they still are and will always be JUNK FOOD

  • ice cream

Control Your Portions

Eating the right foods at the wrong portion can undo your progress with weight management and getting healthy. Use a scale to measure meat. Use a measuring cup to measure carbohydrates and vegetables. This will help you avoid overeating. If you don’t have these things, use the hand method. The size of your protein portion should be the size of the palm of your hand. Your carbohydrate portion should be the measurement of your cupped hand. Your thumb should be the measurement of your fats.

Extra Vegetables Please

When in doubt, fill half of your plate with vegetables. I had a client once who figured out she enjoyed how protein and vegetable meals made her feel. She had more energy and didn’t get sleepy after her meals. If you want to fill your plate up with anything and weight loss and energy are a major concern, go with the vegetables every time.

Fats To Consume

Fats get a bad rep because people think that eating more fats is going to make them…..well you know….fat. But that is so far from the truth. In fact, eating the right fats in the right portions will not only help you digest your food better but give you energy and support cell growth and regeneration. They also aid in helping the body absorb nutrients from food and helping produce hormones...Read More

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