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Six-Pack Abs Reveal Part 2: The Diet That Will Get You Six-Pack Abs

Man with six pack abs


Now we’re moving on to part 2 of the six-pack abs reveal. As I mentioned in the guide to getting abs fast and keeping them, it is a process. Unless your makeup includes a constant high metabolism, you will need to work to burn off the excess fat.

We all have abs, no matter how big or small they are. But we will never know what they look like, no matter how many core strengthening workouts we do, unless we burn the fat.

I won’t get into exercise in this post because it’s not the second most crucial aspect of achieving a six-pack abs reveal.

It’s….drum roll, please…


Let’s face it, doing hours of cardio will only get you so far without the proper diet. You can’t out workout a bad diet. You can’t keep up.

I’ve seen clients try to do this, and they reach a plateau and never get their body fat down enough to reveal their abs.

So, let’s dig deeper into how we can create a diet that turns your body into a fat-burning machine.

Get An Allergy Test

An allergy test is an excellent start to any fitness journey. The reason is that you aren’t only working out and dieting to look better but to feel better too.

Ever wake up sneezing or with nasal drainage, and you’re not sure why?

It could be that you are intolerant to something that you ate the day before. While this may seem minor, it is causing inflammation in your joints, muscles, and abdomen.

Allergens aggravate the immune system and cause it to work hard to fight off what your body doesn’t like. This causes inflammation in your entire body to try and flush out the culprit.

Aside from making inflammation look like fat, the problem with allergens is that it slows down your ability to heal and recover from exercising.

I found out that I was allergic to salmon and wheat, which I used to eat regularly. Now that I limit myself with these foods, it’s easier to stay lean.

This is not something that you are obligated to do, but I definitely recommend it. It will help you long term to know which foods you can’t tolerate.

Drink Lots Of Water

Next, I want you to drink lots of water. Water keeps us hydrated and promotes an increase in metabolism. If you aren’t drinking enough water, keeping up with your workout schedule will feel like a struggle.

A lack of water makes you feel sluggish and inhibits your ability to think clearly. Nine times out of ten, it will cause your body to search for energy, and you will mistake that for hunger and overeating.

I recently experienced dehydration. I kept feeling tired no matter how much sleep I got. With the humidity levels above 100 in Virginia, I started to realize that I was dehydrated.

I drank about four bottles of water and noticed my energy and clarity come back. I was able to power through my workout.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Feeling fatigued is only the beginning. If you don’t get enough water, you increase your chances of injury and mistakes due to unclear thinking. Let’s not forget that dehydration triggers inflammation...Read More

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